Shipping & Returns

All returned items will be subject to inspection upon arrival at our returns service. Only items that meet the following conditions will be accepted for exchange or refund:

- The item must be in the same condition as it was delivered, without signs of misuse or damage.

- All parts, accessories, and original documentation must be returned.

If these conditions are met, we will proceed with the refund of the corresponding amount for the returned product.

Our priority is to ensure customer satisfaction, and these cancellation and refund policies reflect our commitment to providing a smooth and fair experience for our customers. We are always available to clarify any doubts or assist with cancellation or return processes.

Refund in Case of Return

At Bevolt, we want to ensure that the refund process in the case of a return is clear and efficient. Here are the details of our refund procedure:

  1. Refund Option:

   - When a customer opts for a refund when returning a product, Bevolt informs them that the refund will be made through digital payment, according to the customer's expressed preference.

  1. Payment via Multibanco:

   - If the customer made the payment through Multibanco, we ask them to provide their IBAN. This allows the refund to be processed more quickly and conveniently.

  1. Return of Damaged or Technically Flawed Products:

   - If the customer received a damaged or technically flawed product, Bevolt will arrange for the product to be collected at the location specified by the customer, in the same shipment area as the original order. This collection service will be provided at no additional cost to the customer.

  1. Return Conditions:

   - It is important to note that Bevolt reserves the right not to accept items that do not meet return conditions, such as products damaged due to misuse or lacking original parts and accessories.

  1. Verification of Product Condition:

   - The refund will only be processed after Bevolt's technical team has verified the condition of the returned product. This verification ensures that the product is on acceptable condition for the issuance of the refund.

Our priority is to ensure that our customers have a smooth and fair return experience. We are available to clarify any additional questions or help throughout the return and refund process.

Bevolt's Return and Refund Policy

At Bevolt, we want to ensure a fair and efficient return and refund policy. Here are the details of our procedure:

  1. Return Period:

   - The customer has the right to return a product and request a refund within 14 days after delivery or purchase of the item.

  1. Notify Intent to Return:

   - After receiving the product, the customer must inform Bevolt about their intent to return the product.

  1. Product Condition:

   - The returned product must be in good condition and suitable for resale.

  1. Refund Processing:

   - In case of contract termination, the customer will be reimbursed for the payment made, without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which Bevolt is informed of the customer's decision to terminate the contract.

  1. Refund Method:

   - For a more efficient refund process, if payment was made by Credit Card or ATM with the provision of the associated NIB/IBAN, the refund will be made through the same payment method.

  1. Alternative Refund Methods:

   - If the customer prefers an alternative refund method, they should contact the support team within 7 (seven) days from the date Bevolt was informed of their decision to return the product.

  1. Retention of Refund:

   - Bevolt informs that it may withhold the refund until it has received the returned goods and examined whether the reason selected in the return form is valid.

Our priority is to ensure that our customers have a fair and hassle-free return and refund experience. We are available to clarify any additional questions and support the entire return and refund process.

Exceptional Cases of Returns and Refunds

At Bevolt, we have some important exceptions regarding the return and refund of products. Please keep in mind the following:

  1. Products with Missing Accessories:

   - We do not accept the return and subsequent refund of products that have been delivered with missing accessories.

  1. Products with Evidence of Intervention or Misuse:

   - We do not accept the return and subsequent refund of products that, after an analysis of technical defects, reveal evidence of intervention or misuse of the product.

For Further Clarification or Questions:

   - If the customer has additional questions or needs clarification that was not addressed in the content above, they can visit our store located in Sta. Maria da Feira.

   - They can also contact our customer support team through the email ""

   - We will be happy to provide additional information about the exchange process.

Important: The customer should not send products for return without first contacting the Bevolt support team. Prior contact allows us to provide specific guidance and ensure a smooth return process, when applicable.