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Bevolt ev Charger

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Designed to deliver lightning-fast charging speeds, the Bevolt ev Charger provides a whopping of 7.4kW or 22kW of power, ensuring that your electric car is ready to hit the road in no time. Whether you have a long daily commute or simply want to top up your vehicle's battery overnight, this charging solution will make sure you never experience range anxiety again.


Installation: No
Power: 7.4 kW

If you feel you can install without us, no problem. You will receive everything you need to quickly install the charger on a wall or pole including a drilling template, a set of screws and bolts and a bracket to conveniently store the cable on the wall. If you need us to do the installation, we'll arrange a free visit to give you a quote. Important note: improper installation can create serious problems with the electrical current in your home/business and can damage the charger. It is advisable to install a DLB together for better power management. Our installation starts at €399 in Porto and Aveiro.

Protection and Certification

Build-in RCD: DC6mA leakage sensor built-in;
Socket IP65;
Housing Fire Ratings: IK10 V0;
Operating Temperature: -25ºC/55ºC;
Compliance: IEC61851-1,IEC61851-21-2,IEC61000-4, CE EMC EU/2014.CE Low Voltage EU/2014/35;
Certificate: CE

Installation: No
Power: 7.4 kW

Product information

Dimensions Bevolt
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Models BeVolt Charger BeVolt Charger
Max Power 7.4 kW 22 kW
Input/Output Voltage AC230 1-Phase AC400 3-Phase
Charging Current Range
6A-32A 6A-32A
50HZ/60HZ 50HZ/60HZ
Metering Chip Metering Chip
Led Lights Led Lights
Voltage Protection
Emergency Stop
Current Protection
CP Signal Short Circuit Protection
Temperature Protection
Lightning Protection
Contactor Adhesion Protection
Protection Degree
IP65 IP65
Environment Temperature
-25ºC / +55ºC -25ºC / +55ºC
Max Altitude
<2000m <2000m
Cable Measures
5 meters 5 meters

Keep your car safe!
Charge fast at home!
Keep your car safe!
Charge fast at home!
Keep your car safe!
Charge fast at home!